Soocha is walking on a street in Tokyo. She realizes many traditional paintings among  graffiti. Walking, observing, drawing...

Suddenly, flowers painted on the walls, go up in the air and become a symbol of peace and then takes off on an old painting of the waves.

An old look .... a new style... all together in the air. Printings from the nineteenth century, costumes mingle with the breath of a futuristic city and its avanguardia.

Soocha choose the colors and starts to paint her "peace flowers" on the silk. She collects and assembles traditional fabrics, modern and technical fabrics, fil coupe and satin. The silk start to absorb the colors.

And its all begin to take shapes.

SOOCHA  starts on April 2016 and comes from the talent of SOOJUNG CHA, the Korean designer and artist for a long time in charge of CNC COSTUME NATIONALE, DIRK BIKKEMBERGS and GIULIANO FUJIWARA design department in Milan. Her artistic and anarchic background finds its full expression in the brand philosophy.


MILAN - From February, 15th to March, 15th - via Stendhal, 35 20144 Milano - T. +39 02 83419676

PARIS -  From March, 3rd to 8th - 117, Rue Saint Honoré - 75001 Paris - T. +39 329 3927157                                                            

Stefano Garofalo