The madman is a dreamer awake

Founder Maurizio Altieri. Born in Rome in 1966, he has been traveling through the world for ten years since he was 18 years old. He wandered through Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Mexico etc. and settled for 2 years in London and half a year in Los Angeles.

1994: CARPE DIEM is founded in Perugia, Italy

1995: Start of a new collection of shoes and leather garments. The brand name CARPE DIEM, in latin, comes from Ancient Rome philosopher Horatius’s words, meaning “seize the day” or “living the moment”. Goods are all hand-made.

2000: Brand inscription changes to C DIEM

2001: Company name changes to 1+1=3(1 piu 1 uguale 3). Start of an appa- rel line called LM ALTIERI, originated by his son’s name. The concept is “fusion of old and new”, using mainly hemp, silk or any fabric made from these raw materials. His knitwear and cut-saw designs gain an established reputation, and especially his sawing techniques and attention to details have a great evaluation.

2002: Start of a new collection called LINEA, based on one-piece-cut gar- ments, pursuing “ultimate minimal” as brand concept. Furthermore, he lau- nches a new hand-made leather brand called SARTORIA.

Some years later, he starts feeling a sense of incompatibility with the customer’s temperature di erence alongside with the expansion of his company, leading to the end of all activities under the 1+1=3 organization.

In the current fashion industry, leather garments are not a special luxury anymore, instead, it is quite uncommon not to own at least one.
Every year, numerous brands release leather items processed with wrinkles or dyeing. Even though leather products have become usual amongst fashion brands all over the world, CARPE DIEM items which generate from an inherited craftsmanship still are said to be a piece of artwork beyond the frame of fashion.Leather items naturally give a unique touch when worn, but CARPE DIEM is different.
Its leather is alive and starts breathing since the veryrst step of the production, even before we can have it
in our hands.It makes you feel as if it was inherited over and over for many years, conveying feelings, happiness, and the importance of wearing it.
When you wear it, you can feel inspired by new feelings, engraved in each of all its wrinkles and discolorations. CARPE DIEM’s leather is alive.

Starting from the AW 2017, after 10 years of inactivity, the members of that time gathered together again, to revive the brand as it originally was.

Stefano Garofalo